Who We Are

Al Ghurair Commodities LLC is a leading Agricultural to Commodities trading company based in Dubai (UAE). We handle everything, from the procurement to distribution, of the finest agricultural products and food ingredients, both domestically and globally.
We are operating a strong, family owned business in Dubai for the last 50 years. That is why we pride ourselves on being a pioneer and leader in the agriculture sector of UAE.

Food Security

In January 2019, the Minister of State for Food stated that there is a growth in food consumption rates in the UAE.

Food Safety

Our products are carefully chosen from the best available production projects and plantations from around the globe.

Our Products

Al Ghurair Commodities , a Savage Company is a diverse, growth-oriented agribusiness. Our principal businesses are grain merchandising, flour milling, and feed manufacturing. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Grains & Oil Seeds

oiland grain seeds
We possess a deep understanding of grain storage needs unique to the UAE…

Animal Feeds

animal feeds
If you’re a dairy farmer, you will know only too well the many such as ….


Farmers who suffer from losses due to the lack of effective and reliable…

Our Services

services leaves

Our extensive worldwide network of partners and wealth of experience have been the main elements of our success.


We provide consultancies to a wide variety of entities and organizations…..

Commodity Brokerage

commdity brokrage
You can place your trust in us, in our tried and tested methods…..