Who We Are

Al Ghurair Commodities LLC is a leading agricultural trading company based in Dubai (UAE). We handle everything, from the procurement to distribution, of the finest agricultural products and food ingredients, both domestically and globally.
We are operating a strong, family owned business in Dubai for the last 50 years. That is why we pride ourselves on being a pioneer and leader in the agriculture sector of UAE.

Our Activities

  • We specialize in procuring, global storage and handling, transportation, marketing and distribution of agricultural products and fertilizers.
  • We work closely with farmers, breeders, producers and government organizations. We foster closer relationship between producers and consumers.
  • We are dedicated to providing the best quality and experience for our clients in marketing their products. We work to boost their business growth


We do not only aim to satisfy the ever-changing and developing needs of our clients, but we always strive to be a competitive agricultural trade business that is able to compete globally.
We do not meet expectations. We exceed them.

CEO Message

“In recent history, there has been no story of a nation’s success in multi-level development like UAE’s story. The commitment that this nation has seen from its leadership has transformed this country from divided desert tribes into a region of the future. Yet this transformation by no means altered our values and principles that are deeply rooted into our history.

This is where we are as Al Ghurair Commodities LLC, at the merit of our success and experiences that are shaped by our founder. We also welcome you to a world of opportunities that we would like to share with you.

Our extensive worldwide network of partners and wealth of experience have been the main elements of our success. And we can make them yours too.”

Saeed bin Saif Ahmed Majid Al Ghurair
Chief Executive Officer