Food safety has been a major concern for nations around the world. We take it upon ourselves to maintain the safety of all our products. Our products are carefully chosen from the best available production projects and plantations from around the globe.
Our global handling and storage as well as transportation services of agricultural products are conducted and performed with internationally recognized and mandated standards. Whether the product is delivered by land, sea or the air, we make sure that it is delivered safely and healthy.

In addition, we fully abide by the laws and regulations set by the State of UAE aimed at the maintaining and preserving food safety. Our agricultural products and foods conform to the National Food Accreditation and Registration System. All the standards and regulations set to maintain food safety, including for instance the Federal Law No. 10 of 2015 on Food Safety, are taken into great and comprehensive consideration in all our operations with respect to food safety.

Moreover, our company is very aware of the importance of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. We ensure that all our products are safely handled from the point of plantation and harvesting up to the end user.
This removes the risk of foodborne illnesses. No hazard of any sort, whether it’s biological, chemical or physical is overlooked. Finally, we always make sure that all relevant and updated guidelines are adopted in our operations.