In January 2019, the Minister of State for Food stated that there is a growth in food consumption rates in the UAE. She also insisted on ensuring that necessary plans are set in motion by all stakeholders in order to maintain UAE’s food security, both today and in the future.
Nonetheless, the UAE some of the comprehensive and effective plans aimed at ensuring food security. From its early stages of cooperation with leading global organizations such the FAO since 1973, to its support and funding to establish FAO Sub-regional office in the GCC in 2010, the United Arab Emirates is consistently committed and fully support the global efforts aimed at eliminating hunger and ensuring food security not only on national level but also on regional and international levels.

This shows that we are not only extensively aware of the challenges ahead but also demonstrates that we have the best plans and strategies set in motion in order to make sure that the UAE is always food secure.
We make sure that all our efforts align with the state’s food security plans and policies. We are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience set to adhere to international standards and global quality measures.