If you’re a dairy farmer, you will know only too well the many such as globalization of supply, milk output exceeding demand, and volatile feed prices etc. Gross energy feed conversion is also inefficient, with only 26 percent of gross energy consumed being transferred to milk.

Nutritional challenges around early lactation also can threaten herd productivity if not managed properly. Unbalanced nutritional choices for young calves also can impact future milk yield.

Another threat to herd productivity is sub-optimal calf and heifer raising. Raising heifers as replacement stock is an important, but often neglected, area. Dairy heifers do not grow at the required rate to hit the expected targets for insemination and calving. The end result is that heifers calve too old, without the required development to ensure they have long and productive lives in the herd. This drains profitability in an already challenged industry.

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